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3 must have icon packs for powerpoint

Need a range of icons for your next pitch or presentation? Made X Made shares some of the latest icons to transform your desk and captivate your audience.

made x made icons ecommerce cover

These icons are fantastic for all the useful symbols, signs and call to actions that quickly convey messages. From navigational and interactive buttons (next arrows, download, play, close, enlarge). To popular social media icons (Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat etc). To icons for commerce, business, digital, organisation, security, technology, communication, marketing, creativity, education, nature and more! This popular collection has it all, and will make designing your next presentation a piece of cake!

made x made icons business cover

The perfect accompaniment for every business presentation! This set is your go-to buddy for useful graphic resources! From reporting, economics, commerce, technology, logistics, management, operations, stocks, analysis and more – these icons will be a lifesaver for livening up your business deck, making it fun and engaging for your audience.

made x made icons marketing cover

The perfect icons for advertising, marketing, commerce and design! A consistently drawn and highly versatile set of icons for all things marketing! Including shopping, retail, goods and services, ads, creative tools, digital marketing, SEO, optimisation and more! Use these icons to give a spark to your next project and display your desired results efficiently.