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A few tips for working from home during COVID-19

There have been vast changes to traditional business structure over the past years thanks to growing technology and online communications. In addition to these changes 2020 has seen another huge adjustment thanks to COVID-19 or the CoronaVirus, with many companies issuing ‘work from home’ policies. We’re here to share some tips and tricks to working from home and keeping yourself motivated in your home office!   

Dedicated Workspace

A hugely important aspect to your home office – a dedicated area which is solely for ‘work’. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room/office then this is perfect, however even a corner space, study nook or desk will work. The main rule about this area is that it’s a ‘work’ space, when you’re in this space you can get yourself into the mindset you need to stay focused for getting things done. Having a dedicated space helps to separate work life from personal life and allows you to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day and not feel like you’re still at work.       

Flexible Hours

Just because you worked 9-5 at your office doesn’t necessarily mean you need to continue this at home. Things are different when you work from home and you’ll most likely find you have a lot more time on your hands. This would most likely be because your commute time has been removed. We recommend the ‘start early and finish early’ approach in order to not fall into the procrastination trap. This means you get up at the same time you previously did and do your regular routine (be it a workout, breakfast, organising kids etc), however instead of leaving your home for your usual commute, you go straight to your dedicated workspace and start the day! By starting early you’ll probably find you complete tasks ahead of time and can then switch off and focus on family/personal time later in the day which will clear your mind ready for the next day.       

Time Management and Scheduling   

The way you work and how you stay motivated will become almost entirely up to you when you work from home. We recommend finding a schedule that works for you and building up the resources that help you achieve your tasks. Our studio uses management tools such as ‘Trello’ to arrange our tasks for the day which can be ticked off once completed. This helps us stay informed about what others are working on and is also a great way to stay organised and focused on our own tasks. Other great tools for communication when working with a broader team in alternate locations is ‘Slack’.    

Personal Health    

Physical and mental health is so important when working from home, especially if you’re on your own. An important aspect to your health is the earlier mentioned ‘dedicated workspace’. A space with a desk and chair to maintain good posture and focus (no working on the couch or in front of the TV). A space with good lighting, less clutter, less distractions – whatever works for you. Keep up on physical activity with perhaps a workout before or after work or a 15min yoga or meditation scheduled into the middle of your day. If everything gets a little too overwhelming, remember to step away, have a break, call a friend or have a cup of tea.  

Get a dog (or cat, or any other animal)    

Time for your trusty companion to be your new favourite co-worker! Need to talk to someone, share an idea or get something off your chest? – your doggo is there, ready to listen! 

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