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Stay up to date with the latest in the icon world with our blog posts. Delve into the world of graphic design, iconography, illustration and more with interesting reads and great tips. Go on, get reading!

How icons communicate in the fashion industry

Iconography can be a powerful tool to convey important messaging in the fashion industry. Let’s investigate how icons convey messaging through Shipping and Delivery, Care Instructions, Sustainability, and Categorising for the fashion industry.

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Icons for the hotel and tourism industries

Icons and symbols play a major role in many industries; however, in the hotel, holiday, and tourism industries, they can be highly beneficial in enhancing communication, improving navigation, creating visual interest, and supporting a brand. This is especially crucial in regards to barriers brought on during travel, such as in language, navigation, familiarity, and exposure.

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Iconography to aid packaging design

We explore how iconography can be used to aid packaging design. From improving user experience, enhancing usability, drawing attention, reducing clutter, appealing to emotions, increasing brand recognition, and ultimately driving sales.

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Delve into the importance of food packaging icons

Food packaging icons can play a beneficial role in helping consumers make informed decisions about the products they purchase, communicate important information, simplify the decision-making process, attract attention, and also help brands to stand out in a crowded market.

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A few tips for working from home during COVID-19

Covid-19 and working from home have become the new way of life for many people around the globe. There have been vast changes to the traditional business structure over the past years thanks to the pandemic, growing technology, and online communications.

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Utilising social media icons

In recent years icons have become a major feature for online communication and digital platforms from e-commerce websites to social media such as Instagram. We take a look at how icons are utilised in social media and how they can help you quickly deliver your message.

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4 must have icon packs for powerpoint

Need a range of icons for your next pitch or presentation? Made X Made shares some of the latest icons to transform your deck and captivate your audience. This is a must-read before your next big pitch!

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Made X Made icons are your perfect fit

Are you always in need of icons, but struggle to find consistently drawn and quality icons? This was the problem that we faced as graphic designers! Our solution was to create a mega library of quality icons that were consistently drawn and packed with features so our customers could adjust and adapt to get their perfect icon aesthetic!

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Why a consistent icon suite is so important

Icons can make or break design! Great designs can be ruined with inconsistent icons pulled from different resources or icon libraries. They lack continuity and provide mixed messaging that lacks cohesion and appeal, leaving otherwise great designs feeling unconsidered and inconsistent.

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