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How icons communicate in the fashion industry

Iconography can be a powerful tool to convey important messaging in the fashion industry. Let's investigate how icons convey messaging through Shipping and Delivery, Care Instructions, Sustainability, and Categorising for the fashion industry.

Icons in the fashion industry:

Icons and symbols can be powerful tools to convey important messaging in the fashion industry. Here are some ideas for using icons to communicate various messages within the fashion industry:

Shipping and Delivery: 

Firstly, by using icons in the shipping and delivery process, fashion retailers can improve the overall customer experience by providing precise and consistent information that helps customers track their orders and receive their packages promptly and efficiently.

made x made icons shipping delivery

Shipping and Delivery – Icon Examples:

Made X Made has created a super useful pack of 200 Shipping & Delivery Icons for your next project! This pack contains some of the most important icons for shipping and delivery, such as, handle with care, fragile, free returns, food safe, fast delivery, exchanges, tracking, and more! 

200 Shipping & Delivery Icons

Care Instructions: 

Care instruction icons in the fashion industry can be used on clothes are important because they help customers understand how to properly care for and maintain their garments. Icons help protect the garment by ensuring it is cared for properly, extending its lifespan and preventing damage. Furthermore, care instruction icons are a quick and easy way for customers to understand how to care for their garments without reading through lengthy manuals.

made x made icons care instructions

Care Instruction – Icon Examples:

If you’re interested in adding care instruction icons to your garments, labels or product booklets, then the below collection of 100 Care Instruction Icons could be your perfect fit. 

100 Care Instruction Icons


Use icons that represent eco-friendliness, such as recycling symbols or cruelty-free symbols. You could also use icons that represent the materials used in sustainable fashion, such as cotton plants or organic materials.

made x made icons packaging bundle

Sustainability Icon Examples: 

Indeed sustainable icons are so important to align your brand with your environmental vision and goals. The below pack of 130 Sustainable Packaging Icons will provide you with the tools to promote your sustainable capabilities. 

This collection contains important symbols, such as recycling, biodegradable, plant-based, ethically made, Sulfate-free, no additives, GMO-free, and chemical-free. Without a doubt, this collection will set you apart from your competitors. 

130 Sustainable Packaging Icons

Categorising icons in the fashion industry:

Icons can be used in the fashion industry to help customers quickly and easily identify different clothing types. This is especially useful when shopping online or in a large store where it may be difficult to find specific items.

made x made icons clothing

Clothing Icon Examples:

Made X Made has created a convenient pack of 100 Clothing Icons. Prior to starting your next project, check out these icons for clothing categorising, including icons for shirts, pants, dresses, accessories, and more. 

100 Clothing Icons