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4x Mega Bundle – After popular demand, we have bundled our largest collection to date – 2,000 vector line icons from 100 popular collections! Suitable for web, print, symbols, infographics, and apps. This bundle includes Mega Bundle Vol 1, Mega Bundle Vol 2, Mega Bundle Vol 3, and Mega Bundle Vol 4.

Made X Made exists to make life easy for our customers by supplying consistent line icons across a variety of topics. Say hello to this mega collection of ready-to-use, quality icons! 

– 2,000 vector icons
– 100 collections each featuring 20 icons
– Adjustable and editable
– Multiple file formats
– Easy to Use
– Consistent

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4x Mega Bundle - made x made icons mega pack vol

Packed with features!

  • Adjustable and editable
  • Vector (expand to any size with no pixelation)
  • Multiple file formats- Editable text with Ai, EPS, PDF files
  • Ai file which can be edited (colours, sizes, etc)
  • Transparent individual files
  • Master files and individual files
  • All consistent line width and style
  • Outlined and live stroke
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign CS4+ and more
  • Perfect for print and digital design
made x made icons mega pack vol

Your download comes with all this!

  • 2,000 unique icons (4,000 in total, 2,000x outlined, 2,000x live)
  • Master files: AI, PDF, SVG, EPS and PNG files
  • Individual files: AI, PDF, SVG and PNG files
  • 2,000 live icons (adjustable stroke)
  • 2,000 outlined icons

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4x Mega Bundle - made x made icons mega pack vol

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