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The importance of a diverse icon suite

Icons can make or break design! Great designs can be ruined with inconsistent icons pulled from different resources or icon libraries. They lack continuity and provide mixed messaging that lacks cohesion and appeal, leaving otherwise great designs feeling unconsidered and inconsistent.

Cohesion is key! Whether you’re needing icons for travel, education, politics or cosmetics, all icons should be consistent with the same structure, aesthetic and form. This is why a diverse suite of icons all consistently drawn for multiple topics is so important. Made X Made offers 1,000s of icons from 100s of popular topics, all consistently drawn in the same size, line width and style. That way you can rest assured that your work is at the top of its game, always looking fresh and in-line with no eye-sores in the middle! For a great range of icons, we recommend our Mega Bundles for their amount of icons and variety of topics!